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Hey all,

Is it just me, or can you believe it is September already??? Where did the summer go, and how is this year flying by?

I know many of you have asked about physical products, and it has been tricky to get something sorted. I don't have the time to produce them myself, and ordering locally, in bulk, is too expensive for me to do and too risky if they do not sell. As much as I try to limit the use of Amazon and support small businesses, it was the way forward in this project.

I am slowly uploading each lesson plan (I have five up at the minute - Phenology is just waiting for approval), plus I am adding notebooks! Super exciting.

Please take a look. They are priced high because I literally only make £1-ish per sale. I had a price in mind, but I wouldn't even break even. I have to make it profitable otherwise, there is not a lot of point. This is sad for me because I always want to make my work available to as many as possible.

Anyway, if you're struggling to print at home or finding it's expensive to print locally, then this could be your way forward - plus you get the digital version FREE!

Happy Monday all xx

P.S. Here are the links to U.K and U.S marketplaces. However, I am available everywhere.


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