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About me....

Vanessa at Lemon Street Market, Cornwall
Woman staring out over rocks and water
Loch Ness at sunset
Family walking in the countryside
My family
Snowden, Wales


I am Vanessa, a mum of four based in the U.K. I create watercolour learning resources.

I began my career as a watercolour artist. I am self-taught and ADORE colour! Nature is my inspiration, whether that's the colours of a vibrant sunset or finding unique patterns and textures in the wild. I try to incorporate fluidity and abstract qualities into my work, which allows for an expressive piece of art. 

I have homeschooled my children for 13 years (so far!) and feel passionate about making education fun and engaging. As an artist, I am drawn to visually appealing work. I found that most black and white educational books just didn't cut it for me. So, I created my own! 

My printables are Montessori-inspired as I loosely follow the Montessori method. Although I like to go with the flow and probably say my style is more chilled-out than anything in particular. 

We love adventures and exploring as a family. I also have a few different age groups of children, and my work is driven by what I need to create to help my own family navigate this journey of home education. 

I want to use this website to inspire you!

I love to hear from my customers, so if you want to message me, I would love to hear from you!

Vanessa x

Labrador puppy
boy splashing in puddles
mum with three boys
boys at the Roman Baths, Bath, UK
Boys doing homeschooling
Woman outside Acropolis, Greece
Venice bookstore
Mum and son in the Colosseum, Rome
art workspace

Watch me paint...

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