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Homeschool Diary

Today was our official, full day back to school!

I am going to try to share as many of these homeschool days with you as I can. I always enjoy reading what others have done for the day and I thought it might be something you enjoy too.

First up, we always start with SPELLINGS. Both worksheets are from - one of my favourite websites.

Asher (left) had Year 6 spellings. He copied each word and we discussed what each word meant and how we would use it in a sentence.

Reuben (right) had a four-page spelling quiz. Any he got wrong, he copied out three times.

Next up, they both did some MATHS from their Elmwood Press Maths books. Reuben is starting the GCSE book, and Asher is carrying on with his Year 7 book (he is currently in Year 6). He is about halfway through the Year 7 book.

Reuben had a mix of questions that seemed to be some kind of review. Asher began with Straight Line Graphs. They both spent around 45 minutes doing these pages.

We then moved on to our new ENGLISH workbook and learned about different types of texts.

We discussed each text and answered the bullet-point questions in their notepads. I sat with them for the first two, and then they worked through the rest as a team.

We then had a discussion about part B as to whether, in 100 years, these texts will still be around. We discussed what life would have been like 100 years ago and what they think it will be like in another 100 years. We kind of got off topic and started talking about cars - you know how homeschool chats go. :) We probably spent around 45 minutes on this.

They both then had a 15-minute BREAK.

I find my children prefer to ease into schoolwork after such a long break, so we only did a little more. Asher began READING A Bridge to Terabithia and Reuben and I did the first lesson about Dystopian fiction from the Twinkl website.

Reuben filled in a starter activity worksheet about what he viewed as right and wrong. We worked through the Powerpoint presentation and discussed what 'dystopia' and 'utopia' meant. We then watched the Hunger Games trailer and discussed more about what it would be like living in such a controlled environment and we thought of adjectives we could use to describe how we would feel.

Reuben then read The Hunger Games for thirty minutes.

We then finished for the day. Asher, who is ten years old, probably spent around two hours 15 mins working and Reuben, who is thirteen years old, probably spent around two hours 45 mins.

We normally do around three to three and a half hours every day. Today was less writing than normal, but as I said, we ease back into school.

How was your first day?

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