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New Curriculum 2023-2024

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Hey all!

I have been homeschooling for fourteen years and change things EVERY year. I have a couple of consistent pieces of curriculum I use, but otherwise, we use something different every year. And I am not afraid to dump something if it isn't working.

So, let's get stuck in and see what we'll be doing come September.


We've used the STP spelling books for the past few months, which have been good. Instead of just copying each spelling, they contain activities to use each word.

They use the words this way, which sinks in a bit better.

We will be starting with a new English textbook. Oxford University Press has created these. I like the layout and feel there is enough information and facts with interesting activities.


English Workbooks

We will also be using Education Perfect for a variety of topics. I only recently discovered this website, and it is straightforward to use. I love that I can assign tasks and keep track of their progress.

There is quite a variety of subjects to choose from. You can select which year your child is in and which examination board you will be using.

You can set tasks for your child to work through. Once your child has completed their task, you receive a notification and can check their work.

They are like Powerpoint presentations with activities to complete throughout the lesson.

So far, the boys have been loving it. They are not fans of lots of writing, so this way, they are learning, but all the activities are online.


I have consistently used Elmwood Education Maths books for all my boys for secondary school age (12 years plus). I love them. There are many activities, as well as review sections. They are laid out well and are just perfect for our family.

I do feel with Maths, that you need to have a lot of activities per topic, so it gives your child time to grasp the concept.

They both also have a Maths tutor once a week - which is my sister! They do lots of interactive activities and Minecraft education.


I have two boys. Reuben is 13 years old, and Asher is ten years old. Asher will read Bridge to Terabithia, and Reuben will read Hunger Games.

We have a Kindle, so I don't tend to buy many physical books, as it is cheaper to pay for Kindle Unlimited. And better for the environment - I think. :)


We have a new science book this year. Again it is from Oxford University Press. I think it is nicely laid out and clear, and concise. We will also use Education Perfect for some projects.

Oxford University Press: Science

Online Lessons

Every Tuesday, we attend Theatre of Science's free online science lessons. She is so much fun and brings science to life. We donate £6 a month to support her and love being able to support another small business.


Again, we have more resources from Oxford University Press. (I think I went a bit Oxford Uni Press mad!)

The Geography book is a workbook you write in, and the history textbook. My boys have loved the geography workbook, and more are in the series to buy. I love the simple layout.

History: We will use the book as a base to jump from to learn about the negative impact on the British Empire. Again, I like the layout, and I feel it has the right amount of information for my boys not to get bored!

Extra Activities

Reuben also has guitar lessons every Saturday morning and loves music.

Asher hasn't discovered what he is into, but we will help him progress with that once he does. At the minute, Asher is only ten, and I don't push anything on them. I like them to figure it out organically.

Once a week, we meet up with a local homeschool group, do activities and get the kids together to socialise.

These are all the intentional, structured parts of our homeschooling. Obviously, we go for walks, cook and bake, do chores around the home and do various other learning tasks that are just part of everyday life.


I wanted a clear structure this year, but paired down and not too many printouts. Last year I printed SO much and never used it. I like the idea of using textbooks and the boys writing in notepads.

I will keep everyone updated on our progress with all the new books. I always believe in stopping something if it isn't working. I hope I have made the right choices this time, and I think my new love is Oxford University Press! Haha.

Are you all ready for the new school year?

Vanessa x

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