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Ahoy, seeker of knowledge, a realm of wonder awaits you.

Our Myths and Legends Subscription beckons you to journey into a world of human imagination, where tales of valour and wonder weave intricate tapestries.

Each month, receive captivating stories and a four-week lesson plan straight to your email inbox.  

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This four-week lesson plan is dedicated to the enchanting world of mermaids. Explore the origins of the first mermaid tale, investigate the animals that might have inspired these mythical beings, and immerse yourself in the art and literature that bring these mysterious creatures to life.

Delivered via Email from 1st June

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What is included in the subscription?

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1. One beautiful double-sided letter

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2. One collectable card

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3. Along with a four-week digital lesson plan. Develop critical thinking skills. Analyse the evidence and access its reliability. 

What say you,
dear seeker of truth?

Lesson plan: Research the facts, investigate sightings and learn from science, art, history and literature - write down your findings. Do you favour science, or does the allure of a fantastical world appeal? 

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Each month will focus on one of the topics below. 

Mythical Beasts

Legendary Heroes

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Mythical beasts are fantastical creatures often found in legends, folklore, and mythology from various cultures. Usually, there is a blend of imagination and symbolism.

Legendary heroes are iconic figures known for their exceptional bravery and strength. They undertake extraordinary quests and challenges to protect their people or attain greatness.

A folktale is a traditional narrative, often passed down orally, that incorporates the cultural values, beliefs, and wisdom of a particular community.

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Origin Myths

Gods and Goddesses

An origin myth is a story that explains the creation of the Earth, the beginning of humanity or the fundamentals of a culture, often having divine elements. 

Gods and goddesses are revered figures in myths and religions around the world. These divine beings, with exceptional power and human qualities, are often part of tales that explain creation or the origins of humanity. 

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