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New Workspace

Our home has been a quaint countryside home for the past two and a half years. While we love the house and area, it lacks room for a functional workspace. Although we had plans to move to a larger home, the surge in rental prices has left us no choice but to remain where we are.

It became evident that we needed to make some changes upon committing to this decision. The existing layout of the house simply did not cater to our needs.

Firstly, I didn't have a proper workspace. I used the dining table as a temporary desk, and my work materials were scattered across various drawers and cupboards.

I needed a dedicated workspace, even if that meant it had to be in our living area.


After searching for the ideal desk, it became evident that such an option wasn't within my budget. I chose Ikea Mittback trestle legs and repurposed our dining table top as a solution. My husband swapped the legs over, and we can restore the original dining table legs if needed.

With the workspace sorted, I relocated my drawers to the living room, containing my art supplies and paper.

I found a sweet little village shop selling rustic items and got myself some bits and bobs to finish it off!

It looks very different from my previous office space in our old house.....

Our living room has had a bit of an overhaul, too. I am waiting on a few extra bits, and then I will share its makeover with you soon. It is so much cosier and less stark and bare!

Have a great week all

Vanessa x

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