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Topic Nineteen - Ancient Rome


A weekly (minimum four-weeks) lesson plan based on the concept of exploring the world around you. Each topic follows the same three basic steps:


Each topic is designed to get your child thinking and learning in a fun way!




Lesson one - Where is Rome? Who were the Romans? 
Lesson Two - Roman Life
Lesson Three- Roman Numerals
Lesson Four - The Colosseum & Gladiators
Lesson Five - Roman Gods & Goddesses
Lesson Six - Pompeii
Lesson Seven - Roman Rulers & The Army


Let's go back in time and visit Ancient Rome. 

Learn about everyday life, what the Romans have given us and what they have left behind. Explore Pompeii and discover how this catastrophic event happened. 

With lots of fun activities for ages 5 to 12 years. 


Digital download only, no physical product will be shipped. 

Please do not reshare, reproduce or resell my work. 


Enjoy x

Topic Nineteen - Ancient Rome

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