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Wild Explorers Letters

We live on a beautiful planet - full of wondrous places. Can you imagine what would happen if we didn't take care of it? All those outstanding places might not exist, and we wouldn't know anything about human history or be able to explore some of the most spectacular areas on Earth.

What is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? 

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are unique places in the world that the United Nations have deemed to have 'Outstanding Universal Value'. UNESCO chooses which sites should be preserved and protected for future generations. 

The Wild Explorers Club is for children aged 3 to 16 years. Your child will receive a letter from "The Wild Explorer" travelling the world - specifically UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

"The Wild Explorer" is passionate about preserving historical and natural places around the world for future generations. They chose UNESCO sites because they wanted to learn more and be more aware of how we can help protect these places worldwide. 

Each letter will help your child learn about different UNESCO sites - what makes them unique, their geography and history, and their conservation and threats to these beautiful places. 

Hand-drawn illustrations make this letter unique. You will also receive printable stickers sheets, journal pages and downloadable worksheets for three age levels. 

LEVEL ONE - Traveller - ages 3 to 5 years. 

LEVEL TWO - Explorers - 6 to 11 years. 

LEVEL THREE - Adventurer - 12 years plus. 

Whizz off to faraway places from the comfort of your home. 

We hope it stirs up a desire to explore and develop a passion for protecting our spectacular planet too!

Are you ready for an adventure?

Buy as part of the Explore subscription or in my Etsy shop. 

Available Letters

The Galápagos Islands

In this first adventure, visit one of the most unique archipelagos on planet Earth...learn about the Sally Lightfoot Crab, the Galápagos Giant tortoise and what makes these islands so amazing. 

Fill in your journal with your own adventures.

Complete the lessons: Handprint crab, learn to write a letter to persuade and write a report about Ecotourism. 

galapagosphoto8 copy.jpg


In this second adventure, we whizz off to La Serenissima - Venice! Discover this wondrous place filled with historical places to take you back in time. 

Learn about how Venice was built and how flooding threatens this living museum. 

Create a Venetian mask, visit Doge's Palace and St. Marks Square in a 360-degree video, and write a newspaper article about the flooding and how the government is trying to prevent this spectacular place's loss. 



Adventure number three takes you off to Svalbard - the land of polar bears, polar nights and the Aurora Borealis. 

Learn about this quirky group of islands on top of the world! 

What is the Global Seed Vault? How do people get their groceries? 

Send a postcard to your friend, fill in your travel journal and let's go on a trip of a lifetime! 


Hoi An

This fourth adventure takes us to Vietnam and the bustling trading port of Hoi An. 

A place full of temples, noodles, lanterns and a unique history. 

Visit the assembly hall and learn about the sea goddess - Thien Hau, eat some delicious Cao Lao noodles, make a paper lantern, read about Hoi An's famous lantern festival, and explore the Japanese Bridge - Chua Cau. 


Yellowstone National Park 

Our fifth adventure takes us to Yellowstone National Park. It is one of the first national parks in history and a vast landscape of bubbling geysers, hot springs and wild bison! 

Learn about geology, volcanoes and earthquakes in this action-packed issue of the Wild Explorers Letters. 

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