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Positivity Cards & Resources with a Bohemian Flare 

Welcome to Solace & Sunbeams!

I created this small business to inspire happiness, positivity, and vibrance. With a passion for mental health and stress relief, I wanted to dedicate a section on my website specifically for adults to carve out a little time for themselves and ensure they prioritise self-care.

I hope you enjoy this space and everything I have to offer.

Vanessa x

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Positivity Cards

Coming Soon. 

A collection of affirmation cards to begin your day with happiness and positivity. 

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The Vagus Nerve

Coming Soon.

A guide that explains what the vagus nerve is, why it is essential, and how to enhance its function.

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Bohemian Artwork

Coming Soon.

A collection of nature-inspired, bohemian artwork. 

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