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Topic Seven - The Five Senses


A weekly (minimum four-weeks) lesson plan based on the concept of exploring the world around you. Each topic follows the same three basic steps:


Each topic is designed to get your child thinking and learning in a fun way!




Week One - Smell
Week Two - Taste
Week Three - Touch
Week Four - Hearing

Week Five - Sight


Look at our five senses. Firstly, smell - learn about the nose and how we smell. Complete a spice painting and spice colour wheel. Second, we have taste! Are you a supertaster? Fine tune your tastebuds with a taste test challenge. Third up, is touch. Learn about the skin and learn to describe textures. Fourth, we have hearing. Read about how we hear and listen to some music, how does it make you feel? Lastly, is sight. How do we see? Take a look at the eye and do a pupil dilation experiment.  

A real hands-on topic! 


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Enjoy x

Topic Seven - The Five Senses

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