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Topic Eight - Eat a Rainbow


A weekly (minimum four-weeks) lesson plan based on the concept of exploring the world around you. Each topic follows the same three basic steps:


Each topic is designed to get your child thinking and learning in a fun way!




Week One - Five Food Groups
Week Two - Protein
Week Three - Carbohydrates
Week Four - Fats
Week Five - Vitamins
Week Six - Minerals
Week Seven - Fibre and Water


Everyone likes to eat! So let's look at our diet. What is healthy? What do we need to eat plenty of? What should we avoid? Learn about the main five food groups, what quantities we need to eat daily, which foods to avoid and learn to look at the labels on our foods to really see what is in it. Complete a food diary and see where our food comes from around the world. Included is your own recipe book to fill in with healthy and tasty recipes. 


Digital download only, no physical product will be shipped. 

Please do not reshare, reproduce or resell my work. 


Enjoy x

Topic Eight - Eat a Rainbow

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