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Explore Topic Two - The Seven Continents (Previously Maps)


A weekly (minimum four-weeks) lesson plan based on the concept of exploring the world around you. Each topic follows the same three basic steps:


Each topic is designed to get your child thinking and learning in a fun way!




Week One - Africa
Week Two - Antarctica
Week Three - Asia
Week Four - Australia
Week Five - Europe
Week Six - North America
Week Seven - South America


Learn facts about each continent and complete a project for each. 
AFRICA - Art project with artist Esther Mahlangu
ANTARCTICA - Design a flag
ASIA - History of Silk
Australia - Coral reef diorama
Europe - European Lanaguage
North America - Biomes of North America
South America - Maths project - Populations of South American countries. 


Now includes one UNESCO site info sheet for each continent.


Digital download only, no physical product will be shipped. 

Please do not reshare, reproduce or resell my work. 


Enjoy x

Topic Two - The Seven Continents

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