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Our Homeschool Space

As we live in a small terraced house, we can't have a dedicated room for homeschooling. Space is tight for a family of 6 in a 3 bed terrace in the UK, but we make it work. I love finding new ways to work round our limits. I need function, but as an artist, I need the room to look asthetically pleasing too.

Since I was in my teens I have LOVED to decorate. My parents let me do anything to my room and I painted it a wonderous combonation of colours. It was an outlet for me, to express myself. In fact, my first job was in a deocrating store in town!

On to the Design//

Once I had the idea to transform the area, I hopped on Pinterest. It's my go-to place for inspiration. After googling and pinning for a few days, I had a plan.

The space I was previously a dining room, but hadn't been used as such for quite some time. We are quite chilled out people and don't mind sitting all together in our living room and eating on our knees.

It currently acts as my workspace and has my clothes dryer in there (thanks to UK weather!) It's quite a small room, and I love space so I needed a plan that wouldn't engulf the room and stress me out. Haha!

The before - Not very inviting!


My business is fairly new and the majority of my profits go back into building up a brand I am proud of. So I needed to do this project on a budget. The place to go was Ikea. I love their ingenious furniture solutions. Many times I had seen the skadis peg board on Pinterest and Instagram. It was a favourite of many homeschoolers/mums I follow.

Ikea Skadis Peg Board - total £23.50

I also wanted picture ledges to showcase our books. I had seen this done many times and I love being able to see the front covers of books, especially when they are so beautiful. I may also have endulged in some new books too.

Ikea Mosslanda Picture Ledge in White - 55cm - £5 each

I love bright, but subtle colours so I went for a white table but turquoise chairs.

Ikea Pahl Desk - £55 // Teodores Chairs - £22

We love the space now! My youngest two (aged 10 and 7) now have a place that is engaging and enjoyable.

The table can be lowered for smaller children it also has handy side shelves for bits and bobs. It's the perfect size for us.


I also treated them (well more me actually) to some Little Munchkins Playdough

£3.50/£4.00 each

I did massively endulge in some Reel Wood Design letters from The Wooden Play den

A full ABC set costs £130.00. These were an investment for my business as well, how could I not buy them?!!

I also ordered some gorgeous wooden trees, which sit on the shelves. A set of 10 woodland tree set costs £24.50

I usually buy all my books from Amazon as I get free delivery. The Roald Dahl books were a charity shop find. Any fun little bits and bobs I will order from Etsy. I love to support small businesses.

So that's our space!

I hope you like it and I hope it has given you some inspiration for your home. Even in the smallest of houses you can squeeze in a little area for your children.

Thanks for reading.

Vanessa x

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