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Free Letter 'A' Workbook

I have taught four boys to read and write and I understand the importance of engaging resources, to help both the teacher and the child. Remembering the effort required to instill the letter sounds into each child, I felt I wanted to create a more thorough resource for each letter.

I am working on a whole set of letter workbooks. I will be releasing them in stages. For now, I wanted to give you all the opportunity to try one out! I would love any feedback to help improve or to modify what I have already created.

I will produce each workbook in UK and US sizing.

Please feel free to tag me in any photos. I do ask you not to share the resource with others, but to direct them to my website to download for themselves.

Download PDF • 13.64MB

Download PDF • 13.34MB

Thank you and enjoy!

Vanessa x

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