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Welcome to Wild Feather Edu!

What can I offer your homeschooled family?

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Learn with Wild Feather Edu....

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Explore Subscription

A monthly topic-based lesson plan subscription. Only £4.00 a month. 

Cancel anytime. 

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photo of my forensic science Explore pack
photo of my Norse Explore pack
photo of my Human Body pack
Photo of my Astronomy Explore pack
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Myths & Legends Subscription

A digital lesson-plan subscription about Myths and Legends from around the world!

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Besides offering a wide range of posters, lesson plans, and packs in my Etsy shop, I provide various additional options for home learning. I aim to cater to all homeschoolers, whether they are beginners, have large or small families, teach multiple age groups, or seek unique resources. Please look below to explore alternative ways of purchasing and utilising my materials within your homeschooling family or classroom.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions.

Vanessa x

Photo of my Moon journal book

Etsy shop

A range of fun, colourful posters for your school room or child's bedroom. Educational and beautiful to look at!

If you are looking for something different to add to your homeschooling or classroom, then the educational packs are just for you. 

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Lunar moth


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Welcome to my shop! Here you will find beautiful and engaging homeschooling resources for your family. 

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